Skills Not Scars job portal

The first ever job portal, 'Skills Not Scars' allows #AcidAttackSurvivors to connect with potential employers. Acid Attack Survivors are often ostracised because of their disfigured appearance and their chances for finding employment are very limited. Employers who are able to look beyond the scars and focus on the skills of these survivors will find a [...]

Employment in Delhi High Court

#AcidAttackSurvivors are faced with daily struggles, ranging from discrimination and social exclusion to emotional and phyisical pain. In light of these hardships, the employment of five #AcidAttackSurvivors and one transgender in clerical jobs at the Dehli High Court is even more meaningful. Justice Gita Mittal stated, that all of the new employees had "faced discrimination [...]

Skills Not Scars

These brave #AcidAttackSurvivors are employed because of #SkillsNotScars campaign, which provides a job portal connecting #AcidAttackSurvivors with companies. Companies that focus on the individuals’ skills and not their physical scars are much needed industry leaders. #BackToJob is truly inspired by this campaign and their empowering tools!  

Khaas travel

About KHAAS Khaas is India’s first travel company run by blind women and acid-attack survivors only. Khaas manager and founder, Akash Bhardwaj wants to train and employ more blind women, acid attack survivors, HIV positive people who have a lot to offer but often are passed on as candidates. He believes this will bring the marginalized [...]