One is never too far away to help

If something can be learned from this story than, that one is never too far away to help: Meet Amber Gotzmeister, a candaian cosmetic Tattoo Artist helping #AcidAttackSurvivors and those suffering from vitiligo to cover their scars. She uses her talent to mask scars through natural-pigment tattoos to match the remaining skin. Those tattoos are usually not [...]

Columbia’s Acid Attack Survivors: Angeles Bordes

Acid Attacks are a global problem! More than anything we would like to highlight the strength and #InnerBeauty of #AcidAttackSurvivors worldwide, which face a variety of difficulties everyday. One of these heroes is Angeles Bordes, who has been attacked in 2007. Columbia is one of the countries with the heighest rates of acid attacks worldwide. [...]

Employment in Delhi High Court

#AcidAttackSurvivors are faced with daily struggles, ranging from discrimination and social exclusion to emotional and phyisical pain. In light of these hardships, the employment of five #AcidAttackSurvivors and one transgender in clerical jobs at the Dehli High Court is even more meaningful. Justice Gita Mittal stated, that all of the new employees had "faced discrimination [...]